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İsmail Dedelioğlu / Turkey / 1975

He met the computer in times when the internet was just on the list of ' science fiction fantasies'. In years when computers only meant 'word,excel' for companies, 'Minesweeper' or 'Solitaire' at homes, he worked in technical fields as system management in IT departments of companies.

After the miracle 'internet' spread homes along with the scratchy voice of modems, he stepped into the world of web design and electronic office. While working in IT departments, he also brought up web design works and graphic artwork as a freelancer.In course of time, with the enhancement of the internet multimedia tools, he did not fall behind indulging in Flash animation and After Effect works.

For a long time, he had a ball with Web design. Photoshop was always his top program. In almost all of his visual designs, he fell back on Photoshop. Through time, after realizing that Photoshop was something more than just an interface design program, he covered much new ground in Photoshop manipulation and illustration. 

He is well versed in photo manipulation and illustration, photo montage, agenda featured viral graphics. He still proceeds doing graphic works for internet advertising, social media and promotional tools. His focal interest is in photo manipulation and he keeps priority in this area.

Could photoshop works be ranked artwork? I'm not sure. :But most works produced by professionals or enthusiasts of graphic, photo or computer , where technology and art are the closest, emerge in photo manipulation and illustration works.

As an arty computer professional, I have always set my mind on the visual and art side of all this. And Photoshop eminently renders me much space for executing. It tenders a vast area to use ingenuity.

My photo manipulation and illustration works are mostly surreal; but I also have realistic and humorous works to be used in advertising and publicity posters, web sites and in the range of internet.

Properly speaking, manipulation works, which are my favorite, are used in almost all fields of the graphic world.

In prior years,while the visuals we saw on posters, booklets and book covers were all just about using the most colorful image of the product or topic under discussion, we now see the most raving attitudes of products in the digital era. Manipulation masterhands from all around the world, especially ones in America, bring up photo shop works that can be included in art.

I pick up topics of my photo manipulation and illustration works mostly from my inner world or from social and communal issues. There are also works I set out from archetypes already existing, just to make sure I get it right. Thereby, by trying myself out, I get the chance to hold a view of my own borders and see how it contributes my personal development.

See my personal history, designs and professional experience here...

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